buy Pregabalin usa June 10, 2023

Updated Cat Pictures

Just a brief post today, but family is requesting more pictures of Who Dey, my bengal cat – so here are some more.

I’m kinda sick so I don’t feel like typing too many captions or what not, I think I’ll just upload the pictures. Besides that, Who Dey won’t freaking shut up right now – she’s driving me crazy. My cat, sensing that I was upset, just sat beside me and kept me company.

This is the new toy my parents bought her. It looks lovely in my dining room :'(

Just so you know, I didn’t put those toys in the bed, she put them in the bed before falling asleep there.

That’s baby, the neighbor’s cat. She usually comes to visit and her and Who Dey paw and growl at each other through the glass door.

That’s her trying to retrieve the peice of cellophane she was playing with after I threw it away.

Ok, I hope that should hold you guys for a while. I’m not too good at taking pictures. About Ryan Jones

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