June 10, 2023

What Happened to the Prize?

What happened to the prizes in cereal? As a child, the prize inside used to be the sole factor in deciding what my favorite brand of cereal was. Usually, it was whatever came with a new Matchbox car.

Lately though, I haven’t seen any prizes in my cereal. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any kids throwing temper tantrums in the cereal isle of my grocery store either.

Sure, the offers are still there, but not the prizes. I can get a Kung-Fu Panda headband if I only buy 4 more boxes within the next month and send in the tops along with $7 for shipping and handling. $7? I wouldn’t pay that for the damn prize.

As a child there was no better feeling than rushing home from the supermarket and tearing into a fresh box of fruit loops to get to the prize. You usually had to eat them for dinner that night, but it was ok because you got your prize!

Maybe I’m just overreacting, or maybe it’s just my new upgraded taste in cereal (honey nut cheerios, crispix, wheaties, etc) but I miss the prize.

Bring back the cereal prizes please. I want my Matchbox car.

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