June 8, 2023

When 40% off is 10% More

If you haven’t heard the news about Farmer Jacks closing down all over the place – they are.

The grocery store company was recently bought and they’re closing down most of the stores (at least in my area). It seems that most Americans would rather shop at stores like Meijer where they can buy their milk just steps away from where they buy their underwear. To each their own I guess.

Anyway, my local Farmer Jack is having a 40-60% off everything in the store sale (excluding beer, liquor, & drugs)

Since I needed food, I decided to stop in today. My God was it a zoo.

Mostly anything worth buying was gone, but I did stock up on some things like canned soup, light bulbs, Gatorade, cat toys, noodles, and beer (it was still 10% off)

I also decided to buy a few cases of pop (ok ok, I bought 8 cases of soda)

When I got home I noticed my receipt.

You know how most places offer 3/$10 on 12 packs of soda? Farmer Jack did last month (the last time I went grocery shopping)

When adding up the prices of my pop though, I realized that the “regular price” for each 12 pack was about $5. That made my soda more expensive that the same stuff at Meijer even though I was getting 40% off at Farmer Jack.

Is it possible that they raised all their prices before the 40% off sale? That seems pretty shady to me.

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