May 29, 2023

Who’s Your Presidential Candidate?

ABC news just released a neat little quiz that asks you close to 10 questions about Iraq, Healthcare, Immigration, and Energy, and then matches you to the candidate who agrees with most of your positions.

I know that the actual election won’t have anything to do with those issues, instead focusing on more important things like skin color, gender, 9/11, and who looks sexier in a cowboy hat, but it’s still nice to see all the candidate’s views out there so you can compare them to your own.

Go ahead, take it.. then come back and tell me who your candidate is. According to the quiz, I should vote for Ron Paul.

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  1. I was going to vote on Barack based on the fact that I like his fashion sense better than the rest of them, but it seems I actually agree with him on some things….go figure.

  2. Nice link. I plan to let the computer decide who I vote for in addition to paying attention to who looks the prettiest. 😛