June 8, 2023

Why The Google Phone Isn’t Coming (yet)

There’s a lot of talk in the industry about the fore coming Google Phone, but there really hasn’t been any proof. People have stated that Google wants to compete with Apple, and others even swear to have seen a prototype.

So is the Google phone coming? Who knows. Here’s what I think:

I don’t think Google wants to get into the hardware business. They’ve had plenty of opportunities to do so with various other things, and they haven’t. Likewise, they aren’t trying to get into the offline software business.

Google is in the services business. Things like Maps, Mail, Search, etc.

Services like the above on cell phones typically suck really bad right now. Even the iPhone still has tons of room for improvement.

It seems like it’d be a natural move for Google to sell it’s services to the current cell phone providers. The providers could benefit from the cool features, and Google benefits from the advertising. Remember, advertising is Google’s main business model.

That’s where the Google phone prototype many of you talked about comes in. If you’re going to sell services to a company, you have to demonstrate the possibilities. It would make sense to see Google develop it’s own phones so they can show off their latest and greatest mobile services. Remember, the article just mentions that they have a prototype phone – not that they’re going to try to sell it.

Sure, there could be a Google phone coming, but I don’t think there will be. I don’t think it’s a market that Google wants to get into. With that said, it is a possible direction they could go if adaptation of Google services among current providers turns out light. One way or another though, Google has got to get their services (and ads) on mobile devices if they want to remain on top of the digital advertising industry.

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