November 29, 2021

Archives for January 2005

Things Not to Do

Don’t Google Image search at work. Even if it’s for something harmless like Aeon Chair.. you never know what you’re going to find. Of course, turning safe search on might have fixed that… owell now I know. Also.. don’t try playing hockey with a broken wrist.. it’s hard enough to type like this.. the cast […]

Your Website Sucks

I really didn’t want this to turn into an SEO blog, but it’s fun to talk about, and people seem to like to discuss it. Today I want to tell you a simple truth that many webmasters and business owners can’t grasp: Your Site Sucks Well ok it doesn’t suck, but it’s not as good […]

The Future of Privacy

I was reading This Article and I realized that we as Americans just need to stop, forget about 9-11 and think back to the year 2000. Got it? Remember it? Good. Now what do we want in the future? What type of world do we want to live in? If I told you about a […]

A Google Bug

I’m still waiting for Matt Cutts to confirm if this is a real bug or not, but I can’t find any other causes.. I think it has to do with the latest BigDaddy update and cache sharing. Here’s how that works: When adsense visits your site, it caches it. When the search spider needs to […]

Playoff Time

Follow the Red Wings playoffs with me on my Red Wings Blog

Comcast Internet

Imagine opening up your browser, typing in to view your favorite comic, and getting this message: We’re sorry, but this feature is only available to premium subscribers of Comcast Internet. Please click here to upgrade your subscription for only $9.95 / month. You’d be pretty pissed off right? Well, this situation will become reality […]

Gas Prices around the world.

With gas hitting $3/gallon today in some parts of the US, I figured I’d let you in on what other countries are paying. here’s some gas prices (converted to US dollars per gallon) from around the world: UK: $5 Germany: $5 Italy: $4.86 Japan: $3.84 Australia: $2.63 China: $1.54 Russia: $1.45 Azerbaijan (no clue where […]

0.000001 % = a HUGE problem?

Reading Wired today I noticed an article titled “MySpace has a perp problem” where they run the database of sex offenders against a MySpace search. Their results? 5 confirmed accounts of sex offenders on myspace. 5!! that’s not a problem… 5/500,000,000 = .000000001 That’s really really really small. that’s 0.000001 % It’s not like looking […]

Wacky Taxes

Think you’re getting bent over this tax season? It could be worse: • Arkansas taxes tattoos and piercings. • Tennessee taxes illegal drugs.. that’s right, you need to pay a tax to put a stamp on your pot..pothead. • Don’t play poker in Alabama.. they tax playing cards • Maine taxes blueberries. • Utah taxes […]

New Car Time

Ok, it’s new car time. Here’s the short list of what I’m considering. Basically.. if it doesn’t go topless, it’s not for me. Which one would you get? Mustang GT convertible Solstice Sky Thunderbird convertible Corvette crossfire conv I really really like the Sky, but there’s an 8 month waiting list.. I’m also limited to […]