August 17, 2022

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Updated Cat Pictures

Just a brief post today, but family is requesting more pictures of Who Dey, my bengal cat – so here are some more. I’m kinda sick so I don’t feel like typing too many captions or what not, I think I’ll just upload the pictures. Besides that, Who Dey won’t freaking shut up right now […]

Kitten Videos Part 2

To those of you who read this for other reaons, I appologize. My family has requested more cat updates of Who Dey, so I’m providing. On the technical side, I just bought a $20 AirLink 101 USB video capture adapter, and it seems to have worked pretty well. The quality isn’t that great but I […]

Kitten Videos

As family members keep asking me for more Who Dey updates, I keep feeling obliged to provide more and more pictures and such. If you don’t regularly read my blog, Who Dey is my new bengal kitten. You can catch up by reading and here, and here. Ok, on to the new stuff: Nobody seems […]

Cool New Toys

Now that I’ve started a new job I decided it was a good time to splurge and buy some of the geeky toys that I’ve been wanting or needing lately. First off, I wanted a wireless keyboard and mouse. When I saw the good deal on the Microsoft fingerprint reader desktop I couldn’t resist. The […]

Kitten Pictures Part II

Continuing in the typical blogger tradition of posting cat pictures, here’s some more pictures of my cat Whodey. Whodey is a 14 week old bengal kitten. That means she’s like a regular cat, but longer (and will grow bigger), and a little smarter. She’s not afraid of water, plays fetch, hide and seek, and is […]

Why I’m Not an A-List Blogger and Cute Kitten Pics

Those of you that know me know that I’ve been blogging since before blogging was a word. Back then we just called it writing, and not everybody had their own website. Back then only people who had something to say were blogging. Why? It cost more. My first domain name was $35, and that was […]