November 29, 2021

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Why Wikipedia sucks

Update:This is a very old post, and the problem has since been rectified, but it still serves as an example of one of the major problems with Wikipedia – that being that once somebody gets moderator status they’re free to bend Wikipedia to their will. There’s practically no recourse for somebody who’s been banned from […]

Some Cool Quotes

This site has had a newsy type feel for the last 10 posts or so. That’s not normal. So…. to get back to the blogging side of things, here’s some cool quotes I recently came upon and thought were worth mentioning. “A Country Music CD is the best therapy $15 can buy” – Dierks Bentley […]

Hispanic Wallet Snatchers

If you didn’t watch game 4 of the Tigers – Athletics series, this probably won’t make much sense. (disclosure: I’ve been a tigers fan since I was 3) Fox announcer Steve Lyons was fired for racially inappropriate comments. From the article: Lyons said that Piniella was “hablaing Espanol” — mispronouncing the phrase which means “to […]

Thats Some Bad Hat Harry

Jaws was on today. What a great movie. It made generations of Americans afraid to go into the water. The best thing about the movie is that you don’t even see the shark for the first hour and a half and it’s still a great thriller. That’s what makes a great horror movie…. the Plot. […]

Not Really Spying On Your Kids

The Sun-Sentinal (don’t ask why I’m reading Florida newspapers) has a Recent Article about a “parents primer” in which parents are encouraged to spy on their kids. “Spy. Spy. Spy,” Sgt. Anthony DeMarco told the crowd of about 40 parents, school administrators and district officials. “Your parents did it to you. Now, it’s your turn.” […]

Re Examine Your Numbers

Here’s another lesson to journalists and bloggers: If you’re going to write a fear mongering article about how out of control drugs have become in our schools, it’s best not to back up your data with quotes like this one about schools implementing drug searches on students: “99-percent is all for it,” White said citing […]

A MySpace Health Study

Houston – Can using MySpace have long term health effects? A recent study by NoosCorp of Texas has shown that seniors who actively engage in social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook, and Friendster tend to live longer, fuller, healthier lives. The survey took into account the listed ages of active MySpace users along with age […]

Poker Ban Protects Ports

Sleep easier at night America and terorrists beware – our ports are now much more safer than they’ve ever been. Did we step up security? Make new legislation about imports? Hire more drug sniffing dogs? Increase coast guard prescence? No, of course not… we did the most logical thing we could have done: We banned […]

HockeyGod Published

Some of you who date back may remember when Alexander, VanGogh, LMNOP and I first tried to bring dotCULT back from the dead. If you do, you’ll remember that my first post on the site was titled quixotical – (n.) Idealistic without regard to practicality. To date it’s still one of my favorites. Anyway, I’ve […]