May 25, 2022

Archives for February 2007

Happy Fat Thursday

Fat Thursday? I thought it was fat tuesday? You’re right, in the US we celebrate paczki day on the first Tuesday before ash Wednesday. Start stocking up on donuts, because Tat Tuesday is coming up on the 20th. In Poland, they do things a little bit differently. Fat Thursday is the Polish feast that marks […]

The Service Tax

Michigan is about to start adding a tax onto services as well as sales. The tax would include things like cable tv, veterinarian services, home improvement, lawn care, bowling, concerts, movies, video rentals, and lawyer fees. Do they have this in your state? How does it work out? Personally, I’m feeling ripped off that we […]

Belgium Still Doesn’t Understand The Internet

There hasn’t been much said over the past few months about the case of Belgium newspapers suing Google. If you haven’t been following the case, here’s what’s happening: A group of Belgium newspapers has sued Google over its Google News service. The papers claim that both Google’s website cache, AND it’s snippet of articles are […]

SEO Tip: Reaseach Before You Write A Newsletter Article

Bill Platt recently wrote an article for SiteProNews talking about the GoogleBomb algorithm update. Being a sitepronews subscriber, I got this little gem in my email. It looks like sitepronews is letting just anybody with a theory go ahead and write articles now. This one seems to throw out some off the wall theories. Let’s […]

Note To Self: Cron Job Syntax

How many of you write notes to yourself about things you constantly forget? I’ve found one of the best methods of remembering stuff is to just blog about it. That way, I can just search my blog for the answer. It’s like having a 100% portable notebook. It’s also a good way to help other […]

What The Hell Is cpsrvd?

If you’ve ever run websites you’re familiar with the concept of a virtual server. Some of you may even be familiar with cpanel. Those of you who have, have no doubt encountered the following message in your inbox: cpsrvd failed @ Fri Feb 09 13:36:38 2007. A restart was attempted automagicly. If it’s your first […]

Giving In To Conservatives

Anybody that knows me can attest that I’m not a liberal, I’m just anti conservative. Many of my views on life revolve around a simple philosophy: “if it’s not infringing upon the rights of anybody else, I don’t have a problem with it.” This explains my stance on seatbelt laws, motorcycle helmet laws, etc. Anyway.. […]

Site Advice: Proofreading

So you’ve just had your next great marketing idea. You know, the one that will make your company millions. You can’t believe such a simple idea came to you so easily. You start thinking about the corner office, all the hott chics, the endless bar tabs etc, but you’re interrupted by your developer saying he’s […]

You Can’t Legislate Away Stupidity

I feel like I’ve said this over 1000 times, but you can’t legislate common sense. You also can’t make laws that prevent people from being stupid – but that’s exactly what Senator Carl Kruger is trying to do. After a 23 year old man was killed last month crossing the street with his iPod, Senator […]

Wal-Mart Does Movie Downloads Wrong

I’ve been watching the news about Wal-Mart offering movie downloads rather intently, mostly hoping that they’d learn from their previous mistakes but it looks like they haven’t. It looks to me like there’s not only a few flaws with the movie download site’s business model, but there seems to be problems with the site itself. […]