December 5, 2021

Archives for January 2008

Inflating Pageviews For Profit

Whenever somebody talks about a website’s traffic, they always seem to mention page views. A page view is just that, a count of every web page that’s loaded. For a long time now, many of us in the industry have said that pageviews aren’t really an accurate metric of anything. Let’s look at an example. […]

Happy Birthday Wikipedia

Happy Birthday Wikipedia. January 15th, 2001 was when it launched. That’s right, the open source encyclopedia turns 7 today. Can you believe it’s been 7 years already? Man I feel so old. It’s been 7 years, and we what have we got to show for it? Well, we’ve got more information about Star Trek ( […]

Why I’m Not Voting For [your candidate]

If you ever look at political ads during a presidential election, you’ll find they give you thousands of reasons NOT to vote for somebody, but no reasons why you should actually vote for somebody. I know that most people are going to blindly vote by party, or vote based on the nationality of one’s wife, […]

National ID Cards are a Bad Idea

Ever since September 11th, the federal government has been pushing their realID act to try to establish national ID cards. Recently, it looks like it’s taken another step forward. If you ask me, national ID cards will only create more problems. Anytime you store more information about people in one central place, you’re just making […]

Bill Gates’ Last Day

If you haven’t seen this video from Bill Gates’ keynote at CES yet, it’s actually pretty funny. Check it out

Holy Shit, Magsforless Finally Refunded Me!

Way back in June, I wrote a blog post about magsforless ripping me off. Of course, as that post mentions, It had been 17 months since then that I ordered. That means my original order was in January of 2005. After waiting those 17 months and various emails, I did the blog post. They responded […]

My New Years Resolutions

I know this post is a few days late, but my family life has been crazy this holiday season. The cancer is finally catching up to Grandpa and we’ve had family in from everywhere for the past week or 2. Anyway, it’s a new year – and time for new resolutions. I know I won’t […]