November 29, 2021

Archives for August 2008

New Site:

A while ago I did a blog post asking < href="">where are all the fail pictures coming from?. 8 months later I still didn’t find what I was looking for in a fail pictures site. Luckily, I had the foresight to register the domain The next step came natural, do what I always do […]

If You’re Going To Steal From Me, Give Me Credit.

Blatant stealing and copying of information is something we all have to live with in the internet age. Sadly, many people just aren’t aware of copyright or intellectual property laws; they think that since something was on the internet they can freely use it. Because of this thinking, it’s sometimes necessary to put “traps” into […]

Again, Why Is My Info On Somebody’s Laptop?

Bruce Schneier reports about another stolen laptop containing the information of 33,000 people enrolled in the Clear program. For those unfamiliar, the “Clear Program” is simply a $100 fee to avoid airport security. Schneier is correct that nothing at the airport is actual security, but there’s a deeper question: WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYBODY’S INFO […]

Do We Need A Law Against Walking Into A Train?

While sitting at Friday’s for dinner a few days ago, Adam, Chad, and I noticed a news program about a proposed ban on text messaging while walking. Now, I understand the dangers of texting and driving and I usually yell at other motorists who do so. But walking? It turns out it’s just another omg […]