June 10, 2023

Archives for October 2007

Stop Bitching About Your Pagerank

Of the 12 or so SEO related RSS feeds I read regularly, 9 of them have an article about the Google Pagerank pentalty in their last 10 entries. To all of them: STOP BITCHING ABOUT PAGERANK. Yes, Google lowered the pagerank of a variety of websites this month (mostly websites that buy and sell links) […]

Craigslist Murder

I feel bad writing about this because of the past praise I’ve given to Craiglist, but it’s such a newsworthy item that I can’t really resist the urge. Last week a 24 year old woman answered a Craiglist ad for a nanny and was later found dead in the trunk of a car. That’s about […]

Parallels or VMWare Fusion?

I’m thinking about purchasing a Mac this Friday, and I’ll still need some windows support on it so that I can run some of my developer apps (ok ok, starcraft and counterstrike) Anyway.. what’s better? VMware fusion or parallels, and why?

New Worst Virus Ever.

Update: I finally got it reformatted. I had to flash the bios, then I had some hardware problems with the video cards(s) (apparently it doesn’t like having 3 of them in the machine) anyway.. I got it working again. I also learned a valuable lesson: if you work at home, have separate work and personal […]

Proof That Google Is Evil

Just Look at that stock price: Ok, it’s actually around 670 now that I’m posting this, but it still caught my eye.

The Importance of Usefulness in SEO

After being forced to write down tons of processes and theories for my current employer before I leave, I realized that this stuff would make a good book. So, with that in mind I’ve set about at creating an SEO ebook. I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever get around to selling it, but I’d […]

Is It Possible To Cancel Comcast?

Has anybody ever been successful in canceling their Comcast Cable subscription? I recently switched to WOW so that I could get the big 10 network. It was easy and painless and they managed to come out the day of the Michigan game and install it in time for me to watch U of M trounce […]

Ryan On The News

I recently sat down with Channel 4’s Steve Garagiola to talk about internet and text message slang. Channel 4 is doing a special on the topic, and it seems pretty interesting so far. It aired last night at 11pm (my bad, should have announced that earlier eh?) but if you missed it you can find […]

Tracking My Spam

I was cleaning up my Gmail inbox today (it’s down to 115 unreplied messages now – not counting spam) and I got sidetracked and decided to break down my spam by time received. So far today (it’s only 11pm) I’ve received over 2500 spam messages. 1800 during the 7 hours I was asleep last night. […]

From Sphinn To Spam Blogs In 30 Seconds!

As soon as I wrote the previous post, I headed over to Sphinn and submitted it there too. Within 30 seconds of submitting it to Sphinn, my post started showing up on splogs like this one. 30 seconds!! I knew duplicate content and spam blogs were a problem, but at this rate I can see […]