December 6, 2023

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Why NFL Blackouts Don’t Work

The Detroit Lions are 0-everything. (see, this post works whatever week you read it) Combine that with the fact that Michigan’s unemployment rate is almost in double digits, and it’s no surprise that the Lions were about 7,000 tickets short of selling out again – for the 3rd home game in a row. So, per […]

Lions vs Wings – Who Will Lose More?

With 11 games down and 71 more to go the Detroit Red Wings are 9-2. With 7 games more to go the Detroit Lions are 0-9. If the Wings continue to lose 2 out of every 11 games, they’ll finish the season with 18 losses. Anybody want to take bets that the Red Wings finish […]

Screw It, I’m Out.

Somebody just stole the spare tire cover off of my jeep – while it was parked in my driveway – with 2 other cars behind it. That marks the 7th time in the last year that somebody has tried breaking into my car, stole something off of my car, or wrote on one of my […]

The Liberals Are Coming

It’s official. Obama has won the white house, and the Democrats have won control of the house and the senate. While I voted for Obama, I don’t think it’s ever a good idea for one party to control the house, senate, and presidency. It makes it too easy to push through legislation. So what legislation […]