June 10, 2023

Archives for October 2010

BlueGlass Florida Live Blog

Just a quick note to say that I’ll be live-blogging the BlueglassFL conference next week from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino outside of Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks to a generous prize from Ann Donnelly I was able to attend at the last minute. The agenda looks exciting. If you’re going to the conference, make sure […]

Fixing Detroit’s Problems

It’s not often I get political like I used to, so I’ll try to keep these types of posts rare. I’ve been writing about SEO way too much lately though, and I never intended that for this blog – so it’s time to go in a slightly different direction today. Listening to talk radio last […]

Enterprise SEO is Different

As I was reading through the comments on Lisa Barone’s latest blog post one thing kept jumping out at me: There’s big differences in SEO thought processes based on the size of the client. The post itself was about whether SEOs should focus on ranking and traffic or on conversion – and the commenters on […]

The Social Network Movie Experience

Last night after seeing the reviews on Flixster I decided I wanted to go see The Social Network movie. I quickly found a date on OkCupid and we headed to the theater. Upon arriving I quickly pulled out my iPhone and twittered that I was planning on seeing the movie. Then I opened up Facebook […]