7-5 not since 1984

Wow. I just want to say to all the teams who play in the Sun Belt conference.. I’m sorry you have to put up with that officiating. That was the worst display of officiating I’ve ever seen in my life. For both sides of the ball.

When there are 40 players for 1 team on the field during a play, it’s a penalty. I’ve even seen pee wee referees get that right.

And coaches shouldn’t have to use their timeouts to get a replay. You have a replay official for a reason. I really hope you didn’t pay them.

Other than that, the game happened just as I predicted. Michigan dominated the Nebraska line, but that damn prevent defense killed us.

Listen up Jim, the prevent only prevents us from keeping a lead. Dance with the girl what brung you. Don’t change what’s working.

Congrats Nebraska. Look forward to seeing you bring that program back to what it used to be. If only Michigan could do the same.

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