June 8, 2023

Cox Blocked

yet another entry from the people who don’t quite get it file. It seems that Cox Communications has started deleting outbound emails that appear to be spam, and not notifying the sender.

This is bad news for all Cox subscribers. With today’s over agressive spam filters it’s very easy to have legit email marked as spam, and if the user never knows there’s nothing they can do about it.

Now, I’ve always said that email should never be used for anything crucial but we all know it still happens. Besides, are spammers really using Cox to send out emails? It seems you’d have their real contact information and once reported they could take real legal action. Whatever network engineer dreamed up this change, it doesn’t seem to do any real good for Cox. I just don’t understand it.

Of course not wanting to be outdone by their competition, Comcast has not only blocked all incoming email from namezero, but they also blocked all mail from The Well, one of the net’s oldest ISPs.

When will internet providers learn that it’s not up to them what email to whitelist/blacklist, it’s up to the actual person who recieves the email. Let me decide and you’ll win my business in a heartbeat.

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