June 10, 2023

How Much Is Your Phone Worth

Just when I thought I was beginning to have a little more faith in humanity, something like This comes along to destroy it all.

Apparantley, this lady has been paying $29 every 3 months to rent a rotary phone from the phone company for over 20 years. Sure she’s an idiot, but that’s not the bad part. The shocking part is that according to the phone company, there’s over 750,000 other people still renting phones. I didn’t even know rotary phones still existed.

At last check, one could get a phone for $10. Why on earth would anybody need to rent a phone? I can’t even see how somebody would go to rent-a-center and rent an entertainment center or coffee table.

I can understand the phone company’s position of “if they’re willing to pay for it, we’ll charge them” but it’s going to be a PR nightmare for them.

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