May 29, 2023

A Journalist’s Favorite Week

In his recent book, founder Drew Curtis talks about seasonal news stories. You know, the news stories that seem to pop up every year around the same time.

That’s why most journalists love the first week of September. We can just sit back and let the stories write themselves. Open up word, change the date, submit, drink beer.

We love this time in particular because many seasonal articles overlap.

With school starting, the backpacks are too heavy stories are starting to show up now, and any day your local newspaper should be running the “traffic will be heavy this weekend as Americans travel for labor day” articles they love to print.

It’s also about the time parents are getting their first college tuition bills, so you’ll soon be hearing about tuition increases as well.

After our vacation we’ll all hurriedly write articles about celebrities and finally air those feel good humanity stories we’ve been saving up before diving headfirst into a 4 month long political frenzy. (which seems to come earlier and earlier every year)

This week though, we don’t have to do anything but serve up the same tired old articles we did last year (and probably wrote 5 years ago).

I’m writing this one so that next year all I have to do is change the hyper links before heading up to the lake for the week.

Speaking of the lake, I’m taking the rest of the week off to go play disc golf and drink beer. I’ll see you guys Tuesday.

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