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November 10, 2009

Fantasy Hockey News

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ManhuaƧu Just a quick note to let everybody know that I launched new site last nite. I’ve turned Cheesehole.net into a fantasy hockey news site where myself and others will offer (almost daily) insights into what’s going on in fantasy hockey, what players you should look to acquire, and who you should trade for them. We’ll also be covering NHL news and other fun stuff like betting picks and awesome goals from around the league.

You may remember Cheesehole from way back in the day where it used to be a “talk about everything” blog. Those were the days before livejournal and myspace and facebook though, where people actually read that kind of shit. I’ve been sitting on the domain for a long time, and since the term technically means “5-hole”, not what you think it does, I figured it should host a hockey themed site. That, combined with my dominance in fantasy hockey, made me feel like I should share my insights with you.

Football and baseball have razzball and now hockey has cheesehole.

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