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March 1, 2010

Getting Rid of Some Domains

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where to buy dapoxetine in delhi I’m cleaning out my domain portfolio and am going to get rid of the following domains. If you want one, make me an offer and I’ll transfer it to your GoDaddy account for free. I’m willing to let these go for mere pennies.

BurgerTales.com (was going to be a fast food blog)
CMSbasic.com (we could all use a basic CMS right?)
DontSayLike.com (has a site on it, you can have that too)
Downlifted.com (this term was coined by the freakonomics blog)
IHateDNS.com (don’t we all?)
URLfax.com (a fax service?)
WarcraftScrubs.com (good for making fun of WoW players)
Yugamu.com (means to warp, or be crooked in Japanese)

If you want any of these, they’re yours for $10 OBO Get at me in the comments or on Twitter.

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