May 29, 2023

I Need An Assistant Or Something

By now you’ve probably noticed the links in the side menu, so you probably know that is one of my websites. I’ve been dedicating weekends to working on it and my other sites. Well, I’ve been slacking – bigtime!

I usually check the user submitted words every weekend… but I haven’t done so in about 3 weeks. I’ve just been busy. I was in Texas a couple weekends ago, did some FeedButton updates last weekend etc..

So I just logged in, and boom! 900 words waiting to be approved. This is going to take some time.

If you’re not familiar with my approval process it’s like this:

1.) Check word to see if it makes sense
2.) Make sure everything is spelled correctly (I don’t fix improper spellings, no time really)
3.) Google for the word.

If It makes sense, is spelled correctly, and exists on at least 1 other forum or website.. then I add it. If not, I kill it. that’s part of what makes NoSlang the best internet slang dictionary on the internet (and the only internet slang book too!) While other sites are trying to build a large database by paying per word submitted, NoSlang actually takes hours upon hours of human evaluation. It’s starting to get to be too much.

Does anybody else have a few hours they can donate to this for free? I wouldn’t think anybody would – but it can’t hurt to ask. Right?

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