May 29, 2023

My Thought Blog (ok it’s just a twitter feed)

If you talk to me on AIM or MSN you’ll know that I’m constantly saying little things like “wow, look at this news article” or “heh, check out this quote.”

I’m sure I annoy a lot of you, but if you’re somebody who actually likes my tidbits of information you’re in luck!

Starting today, I posted on the right side of my blog something I call my “Thought Blog.” You know, all those little things that aren’t significant enough to justify a whole blog post. I’m basically just using Twitter, mashed up with the Google AJAX feed API. I’ve let Google cache my Twitter RSS feed, and then used some clever AJAX to show it on the right. If you want to do the same, it’s basically just a modified version of this script.

It seems that I’ve finally found a use for Twitter – the web2.0 app that ScoobyScoble seems to love so much.

If you want to subscribe directly to my Twitter RSS feed, please do so. Here’s the URL: You’ll notice that it will also include an entry for every blog post that I do here (as well as on shoutwire.) It’s like 1 feed you can use to see links to everything I’m writing!!

To do that, I’m actually using a wordpress plugin called Twitter updater.

So check it out, and let me know what you think. I hope it makes reading my ramblings a little easier.

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