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June 19, 2009

Online Quizzes

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Online quizzes have always fascinated me – mainly in the sense that so many people take them and actually rely on them to answer more serious questions in their life. It seems like you can find an online quiz for almost anything now. So, with that said, I’ve created a few more fun ones to add to the mix. Go ahead, check them out.

My Online Quizzes:

The Am I Gay quiz – the only definite way to know.

Not sure if that guy likes you? Find out with the does he like me quiz.

Then, if he does and all goes well, you may need my am I pregnant quiz.

And, of course there’s always my Internet slang quiz to test your knowledge of web slang and acronyms. If you pass that one, there’s also a part 2.

So there you go, get your quiz on!

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