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February 27, 2008

Protect Your Identity – For Free!

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online purchase Seroquel UPDATE: Since this post was written, freeidentityprotect.com has been sold to a new company. I have no idea if the statements below are still accurate or not, if it’s still free, or if it still does what I said it does.. but they were at the time of writing.

If you regularly read my blog, you’re probably heard me complain many times about why almost every laptop in America seems to contain thousands of social security numbers right out of the box. At least, it would seem that way from all the “lost laptop contained SSN and CCN” stories that pop up daily.

The sad truth is that identity theft is rising and not likely to stop soon. With that said, Demoxi (my employer) is proud to announce the launch of freeIDENTITYprotect.com. freeIDENTITYprotect consolidates the best free identity protection services out there into one easy to use website – complete with instructions and videos.

Services offered include access to credit reports, the ability to set fraud alerts, do not call list access, credit card offer reduction, and even junk email reduction – all free!

It will also include a paid service, called premiumIDENTITYprotect, that will include card monitoring and $25,000 of AIG indentity theft insurance as well as restoration services and a $1 million dollar service guarantee.

So go ahead and check it out. Now, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be protected.

Disclosure: Ryan works as the Sr. manager of product marketing for Demoxi, which owns freeIDENTITYprotect

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