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February 17, 2010

SEOs are Blind Twitter Whores

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Continuing in the spirit of my post on Why Twitter Bots Are Effective I was doing some prep work for a future presentation and decided to run a few tests.

I got to playing around with a twitter adder called HummingBird and wanted to see how many people blindly follow me back.

I created a new twitter account, uploaded a picture, posted some random crap about SEO that I stole from other people’s accounts and set up the bot.

I told it to auto follow anybody who mentioned “seo”, had over 100 followers, was following over 50 people, had more than 50 tweets, and didn’t have a default image. (I was trying to avoid following bots, and I think it did a pretty good job.)

I let it run for an hour – from about 4 to 5pm. During that time it followed roughly 112 people.

When I woke up in the morning, my Gmail account looked like a mass mail from Twitter. 72 SEOs blindly followed it back!

That’s an astounding 64%! That got me wondering if it was just SEOs, so I did the same thing for they keyword “hockey” and out of around 100 people, I got about 30 followers.

That tells me a few things:

  • Twitter bots are still extremely effective
  • SEO people blindly follow at a much higher rate than the rest of twitter.
  • And most of you still totally over-value Twitter followers

It kind of makes me sad but it does explain why there seems to be so many bots on Twitter; they work!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to Follow me on twitter! 🙂

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