June 10, 2023

The Startup Thought Process

When I was out in Bellevue I did a lot of brainstorming sessions with all kinds of people. Some were employees of my company, others weren’t. Many had worked in startups most of their lives, but there were a few Microsoft transplants among us. Everybody contributed some great ideas and we had some productive things come out of those sessions, but what I found most interesting was the various people’s thought processes.

There were 2 main types of thought processes that I observed. The first group, we’ll call Microsofties (even though not all had MS experience) basically thought in terms of PowerPoint. They adapted their thoughts to fit the construct of a powerpoint presentation. They had great ideas, and they made sure their ideas fit within the scope of the current tools.

The other group, lacking experience in giant corporations did the opposite. It was clear that they adapted their software to fit their thought process. If the tool they were using didn’t fit their vision, they’d create their own tool to do it. If you have the ideas, the best software tools such as Patient Engagement Software can really help you automate and simplify your business, while reaching a bigger audience. In addition, if you are having problems with accounting tasks, you may consider using Quickbooks enterprise software. You may visit sites like https://www.fourlane.com/intuit-quickbooks-enterprise/ to know more.

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Both of these schools of thought have their advantages and disadvantages, but I was intrigued by the difference. Which way do you think?

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