Translate British iPhone App, and More New Stuff

Just a quick note to say that I’ve officially launched the Translate British iPhone App. The App is similar to the NoSlang App only instead of being an internet slang dictionary, it’s a British to American dictionary. Go check them out, both apps are $0.99 in the App Store. If you do choose to buy a copy, please give it a review.

Having extra free time I’ve started to actually code again, so I want to recap some of the new sites I’ve launched in the last few months.

There’s Fail Pictures, which lets people browse, rate, and upload their own fail pictures. If you’re not familiar with that meme, it’s quickly sweeping the internet.

I also added WoW Slang to my family of slang sites. That means I now have internet slang, drug slang, World of Warcraft slang, British slang, and swear words. All of the sites are linked at

I also just launched a new text message site called TextSendr. It’s been over a year since I sold my previous text message site, and I’m taking a turn at re-writing the code from scratch. It’s amazing how many things you can learn when you undertake a project for the 2nd time and totally start over. The site’s pretty basic right now, but I’ve got some cool things planned for it.

I’ve got a few more ideas brooding, but I’m not ready to release anything on those yet, so stay tuned.

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