December 5, 2021

Rant: SEO Tests, Cutts Statements, & The Algorithm

I’m going to channel my inner @alanbleiweiss and rant for a minute about some things I saw over the last few days in the SEO world. I also want to apologize for any spelling mistakes from the start, as my right arm is in a cast and I’m typing this entirely left-handed until I can […]

Fun With Facebook Graph Search

I, like many of you, was given access to Facebook’s new Graph Search the other day. So, the first thing I did was start seeing how “weird” I could get. Let’s have some fun, shall we? It’s amazing what kind of things you can find. For example, here’s a list of Cops who are probably […]

Do SEOs Control The Internet? – Yes!

Do SEOs Control The Internet? YES! Actually, SEOs DO control the Internet At least, according to Dilbert

It’s all Bullshit, Bullshit everywhere.

I’m starting to think all of those “SEO is bullshit” articles may actually have a point. Take a look at some of the headlines I saw being spewed across my twitter stream today by several well-known SEOs. Here they are, paraphrased based on the articles they linked to: SEO & Paid Search should be separate […]

Google not sending any referer data on iOS default search?

UPDATE: Good discussion now on SEL. Summary: When going from HTTPS to HTTP sites, browsers don’t pass any referer information. When a wired user clicks a result on https Google, Google is doing an internal redirect to an http page THEN sending the user to the search result they clicked on. This redirect allows a […]

I’ll Probably Delete This Tomorrow

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” It’s a common interview question. We’ve all faced it a few times in our careers, and although we’ve given elaborate answers I’ll wager that many of us haven’t really thought about the question too much. We don’t pay it much attention, but it’s a question that lingers […]

Pubcon Discount Code

Looking for a Pubcon discount code? I currently don’t have a pubcon discount code to offer. Just head over to and enter the code when you register. You’ll save 20% off of the current cost of registration (and I’ll get a couple bucks too!) If you end up using my discount code come find […]

Speaking Schedule For The Rest of 2012

Update: Pubcon Discount Code! If you’re planning on coming to pubcon to see me speak and want to save 20% off just use the code rc-5283520 at checkout on Just a quick update about where you can catch me for the rest of 2012. I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be part of […]

Dear Democrats & Republicans – I’m Confused

Dear Politicians. I’m struggling with which party to vote for this year. I would greatly appreciate some help from you. Here is what I believe in: I believe in fiscal responsibility. I believe that nothing is too big to fail. I believe that left to its own accord, the free market will take care of […]

Negative SEO – What Is It?

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about Negative SEO in the community. Lots of people are afraid that they might be a target of a negative SEO campaign that forces them out of the search engines and into obscurity. There’s tons of panic in the industry and people are over-reacting at an alarming rate. […]