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SEO Is Not Science

SEO Isn’t science. It’s not rocket surgery either, but it’s definitely not science. I’m not sure if having a computer science degree makes me a scientist or not, but I do know how to spot science. See, science has a definition. According to Wikipedia, that definition is: a systematic enterprise of gathering knowledge about the […]

Meta Description Ranking Test

Update: Google’s Maile Ohye has Confirmed my hypothesis that META descriptions do NOT affect relevancy. But please, still read this post to learn about testing SEO. Last week after SMX, Alan Bleiweiss started running a META Description Test to see whether or not the META description has any affect on search engine rankings in Google. […]

18 Must Read SMX Advanced Highlights

If you missed SMX this year, you missed a great conference. I’m really thankful that I had the opportunity to attend, and I’m looking forward to coming back in future years. I did a lot of live-blogging during the sessions, and lots of tweeting – but I wanted to collect some of the important points […]

Live Blogging SMX: SEO Vets Take All Comers

The SEO Vets take all comers with Danny, Rae, Bruce Clay, Alex Bennert, Vanessa Fox, Greg Boser, Todd Friesen, and Stephan Spencer is starting soon. I’ve got my seat in the front row and I’ll be liveblogging soon. screw it ustream: Phone died during ustream. I’m going to pick up here liveblogging. Rae has […]

Live Blogging SMX: Site Architecture for the Advanced SEO

The live blog of “Build it Better: site architecture for the Advanced SEO” will start momentarily. Vanessa Fox, Adam Audette, Maile Ohye, Lori Ulloa and Brian Ussery will be speaking. Stay tuned here and refresh for my thoughts, insights, & recap. Vanessa and Maile must have a lot of clout here, as there’s a facebook […]

So You Want To Test SEO? Liveblog

I’ll be live blogging the “so you want to test seo” panel at 10:30 pacific time. Check back here for live updates. This should be a good session. Actionable, testing, etc. These aren’t words you normally hear when people talk about SEO. So glad to hear them and if you too want to learn more […]

Live Blogging SMX Keynote: Matt Cutts You & A

Matt Cutts SMX Keynote starts in 10 minutes. Stay tuned here (and keep refreshing) for live blog coverage. Firstly, I find it amazing that Matt Cutts has his own set – different than what everybody else uses. Danny started out with some lifejackets for MayDay and then rejecting the Caffeine free diet coke in favor […]

Live Blogging SMX: Real Life Link Building

Link Building can be boring. Let’s hope this isn’t about top 10 lists and the same old shit we’ve already heard. Roger Montti – b2b links are a challenge. Use allintitle: “keyword” to find sites that link to relevant resources. Backlink Trolling – see who’s linking to your competitors and cherry pick the best ones. […]

Live Blogging Twitter, Real Time Search & SEO

Session 1 out of the way. Met Matt Cutts, found some water, and stole a press seat in the front row with a power strip! Seeing how this session is about Real time SEO, I should probably live blog it. What’s more real time than that? Danny started out by telling us what search is. […]

Live Blogging: SEO for Google Vs. Bing

SEO for Google vs Bing is about to start here at SMX. Matt Cutts, Rand Fishkin, Sasi and Janet are in the house. Danny just opened with a terrible Sex and the city 2 joke, and now we’re being pitched to. Really, starting with a pitch? #smx #a1a (more spam shit). Ok here goes. I’ll […]