June 10, 2023

Archives for April 2007

Google Personalized HomePage At Work

When I switched the DNS for some of my sites I noticed something weird. One such Internet provider couldn’t access my sites. If I went to a proxy site I could access them with no problem, but if I tried to access them directly they didn’t load. The problem was due to a slow DNS […]

Personal Data Loss Regulations?

A law firm is asking what we’d like to see in draft legislation about identity theft. The basis is that companies aren’t doing enough to help victims after their data is lost/stolen/compromised. Here’s a few of my suggestions: 1. Stop storing information you don’t need. If you don’t automatically bill my credit card number, don’t […]

Parents Of The Year

I found this on YouTube and I don’t remember it making it’s way around the net yet, so I present you with my vote for parents of the year: What the hell were these people thinking?

Don’t Forget to Sue the News Too!

KATV reports that an Arkansas man is using the local library after his sons found a book on lesbian sex among it’s shelves. Earl Adams, if you’re reading you might want to include KATV in your lawsuit. Their “Google more on this topic” takes me to a Google search for lesbian sex and oh boy […]

Bad Timing or Time to Move On?

Network World has an article talking about Yahoo / CNN’s best places to retire young” article. It would seem that the article lists Blacksburg Virginia as one of the top places to live. The brief article on network world chides them for listing Blacksburg in the article so close to the tragedy that happened just […]

HotJobs Spam

Has anybody else noticed the prevalence of job spam on some of the major job sites? Check out this screen shot from doing a PHP Detroit search on HotJobs Of the 35 jobs that it returned, 27 of them were that same mystery shopper job. You know, the one where you pay them first then […]

Trademarks in META Tags

There’s a thread over on webmasterworld right now about how to complain to Google about a competitor using trademarks in their META tags. While I can understand the frustration here, I see several issues. Firstly, I don’t think Google is the first company I’d report any type of trademark violation to. The best thing to […]

Updated Cat Pictures

Just a brief post today, but family is requesting more pictures of Who Dey, my bengal cat – so here are some more. I’m kinda sick so I don’t feel like typing too many captions or what not, I think I’ll just upload the pictures. Besides that, Who Dey won’t freaking shut up right now […]

Losing Money While You Save

My friend Alex has a great blog about finance that for some reason I just discovered today. Honestly, if you’re into that type of thing check it out. Reading it today got me started thinking about my own savings account. (of course, being unemployed is also a good reason to start thinking about your savings […]

What is Parasite Hosting?

Many of my colleagues in the SEO field give me dumb looks when I start talking about parasite hosting. (OK I can’t see their faces through the IM window, but if I could I’m sure they’d be giving me dumb looks.) It seems that a lot of people haven’t heard of parasite hosting, and that’s […]