September 26, 2023

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Protect Your Identity – For Free!

UPDATE: Since this post was written, has been sold to a new company. I have no idea if the statements below are still accurate or not, if it’s still free, or if it still does what I said it does.. but they were at the time of writing. If you regularly read my blog, […]

Another Identity Protection Failure

I’ve been reading a lot of identity protection blogs lately as part of my job, but today I ran across one that actually made me say “WTF” out loud. It’s actually just an announcement by a web hosting company saying that they will no longer accept customers with free email accounts. The reasoning is that […]

Startup Review: Spottt – Free Link Exchange

Part of working for an internet startup company means that I sometimes get inundated with beta invitations to all kinds of new things. Right now, I’m trying out about 4 or 5 different websites / companies. When I look at them, I always think of a few questions: How does this solve a new problem? […] Gets More Traffic Than Facebook?

That’s right. According to website magazine’s top trafficked website list, comes in at #14. That’s higher than Facebook (18) Amazon (19) CNN(21) and Apple(50). So how do they do it? Perhaps it has something to do with the default homepage setting that all comcast cable modems pre-set, but I have a different idea. Recently, […]

The Mircale Beer Diet!

Caution, NSFW

Calling All Potty Mouths

Have a potty mouth? Like to swear or cuss? Are you a racist son of a bitch? Do you just know a lot of bad words? If you answered yes to any of those, I need your help. I’m finally getting around to doing some updates to a long forgotten project of mine called […]

3 Questions That Prevent People From Switching To Linux

Don’t get me wrong, I love Linux and use it daily (and for all my web hosting) but when it comes to Linux on the desktop, there’s 3 main concerns holding it back. What can this do that Windows can’t? How does it make my daily computer usage easier? Will it work with all the […]

Posting on the Demoxi Blog

Just a quick update to let people know that I’m also writing articles on the blog as well. My topics there will be about Identity Theft, Privacy, Security, Voting, and general company news. If you’ve missed my past posts there, you might want to check some out. Here’s some links: Choosing Good Security Questions […]

Do We Really Need .post ?

I was reading on slashdot earlier about a plan for the .post internet address. It would be open only to actual post offices – attempting to build trust. But why? Is this really the best approach? Should we count on every post office to make their own website and then make it work? That sounds […]

My Thought Blog (ok it’s just a twitter feed)

If you talk to me on AIM or MSN you’ll know that I’m constantly saying little things like “wow, look at this news article” or “heh, check out this quote.” I’m sure I annoy a lot of you, but if you’re somebody who actually likes my tidbits of information you’re in luck! Starting today, I […]