September 26, 2023

Archives for March 2007

A Simple Mathcha

If you’ve ever visted the home of my text messaging sites, you may have noticed it has a contact form. Lately, I’ve been getting about 100 messages / day on the contact form. The problem with that though, is that only 1-2 of them are from actual humans. The rest are from spam bots […]

What’s The Deal With Proxies?

A while ago, a friend and I decided we wanted to invest in another website. Not knowing what we wanted to invest in, we headed over to the sitepoint marketplace to look for something interesting to buy. While we didn’t find anything worthwhile, we were amazed at the amount of proxy sites for sale. Doing […]

Why Are Car Dealerships Backwards?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk into a car dealership and say “I want this model, this color, with a hybrid engine, rear wing spoiler, bose sound system, leather seats, no sunroof, no sirius radio, etc.”? The car dealer would say “ok, we’ll have that for you in 3 weeks. See you then.” […]

Personal Web Design Degree

My Friend Ryan Doom has a page where he talks about The Personal MBA. Basically, it’s a list of reading material that’s pretty equivalent to what you’d study if you went back for an MBA. I decided to do something different with this post. Instead of writing about a degree I want, I’m going to […]

Degree Opinion Wanted

My company is moving next month (to a place that’s a 41 mile drive from my house.. but that’s another story) and the new building is right across the street from Oakland University. Since I’ve always wanted a masters degree, I’ve decided that this might be a good time to go back. Classes would be […]

Where’s The MP3 Version Of YouTube?

The idea behind YouTube was simple: Users upload videos, other watch and comment on them. It was so simple that it quickly grew it’s own massive social network aspect. Aside from that it was useful. It allowed users to view and upload their videos easily. It just worked and it caught on. My question is […]

Snakes On A Plane

I just watched Snakes On A Plane the other nite. It was actually a pretty decent movie. I can’t understand why people are complaining about it. If anything, it was brutally honest. It gave you just what it promised. Snakes. Plane. Samuel L Jackson saying things like “motherfucking snakes” and “motherfucking plane.” What more could […]

I’m Sick

I have Bronchitis and it’s not fun. According to the breathing test the doctor gave me, I’m about 2/3 of the breathing capacity that I should be. I also have a nose that won’t quit running, a wheeze when I breathe, a fever, a nasty cough, and diahreah (although I suspect that’s due to my […]

Bad Beats – A Poker Story

For as much as I play poker, you’d think that I would mention it on my blog more often eh? Apparantley not. Anyway, I played in a roughly 100 person tournament this weekend (I’m not sure of the total entrants.. it was between 70 and 100). It was a charity game ran by the Axemen […]

Kitten Videos Part 2

To those of you who read this for other reaons, I appologize. My family has requested more cat updates of Who Dey, so I’m providing. On the technical side, I just bought a $20 AirLink 101 USB video capture adapter, and it seems to have worked pretty well. The quality isn’t that great but I […]