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Archives for March 2007

Googling Home A Lost Dog

Firstly, let me say welcome to the new server. If you’re seeing this, than you’re reading dotCULT on a newer, faster server that might actually load in under 5 mintues now. Last night was poker night. That means there’s usually 5-10 drunken guys in in my basement telling lies and playing cards. When Matt and […]

New Server

Just a heads up. I purchased a new server from 1and1.com and then promptly cancelled after them basically just saying “here’s a fresh linux install, ip and root password. have fun.” That’s great for some people, but not for me. So instead I headed over to GoDaddy and got a dedicated box through them. This […]

DownTime Update

You may have noticed that many of my sites weren’t up this weekend. We had a hard drive fail in one of the boxes hosing dotCULT, NoSlang, Feedbutton, and some other smaller sites. The hard drive has been replaced, and everything looks good now. I’d like to say I’m sorry about the outage, I’m doing […]

Help: What’s this Crap?

I was looking at some of my MyBlogLog Stats for txt2day and I came across something that I just didn’t understand. Take a look: (note: I blocked out my actual visitor stats, as I don’t want to share them… sorry!) What are these links? This isn’t a referrers list, it’s a “what readers viewed” list. […]

SEOing WordPress Title Tags

Those of you who regularly read this blog might be familiar with an article I wrote last month titled What The Hell is cpsrvd. It was basically just an example of how to write a useful SEO article. I was searching for information about cpsrvd and realized that I couldn’t find everything I was looking […]

Honk For Peace

The New Yorker posted a coversation between adults as imagined by children but even funnier was the bottom part titled How College Kids Imagine the United States Government. It got me thinking about a protest group I saw yesterday. Somewhere on Woodward and 9mile was a group of people all holding signs that said stuff […]

Is Cable Internet Too Much Like Cable?

I’ve been having a weird problem with a particular DSL connection lately. It would seem that I can’t access certain websites hosted in the Dallas area. The bigger problem is that these are MY websites!! At first I thought they were down, but not according to my live 3rd party web stats (and thankfully my […]

I Got A New Car!

You may remember me mentioning that I broke my car a few posts ago. Well, after taking the grand am in for work, I was told that it would cost about $1600 – $1800 to get it fixed. It needed 2 new wheel wells, and some new shocks. I decided to just sell car quick […]

Sales Economics Part 1: Buying Blinds

One of the leading philosophies among salesmen is to never let the customer know you’re ripping him off. Many may argue the ethics of knowingly ripipng somebody off, while others will state that an informed customer wouldn’t let himself get ripped off. Regardless, that’s not the topic of this post. A few years ago, I […]

MyBlogLog. Good service or Spam Haven?

Some of you may have noticed the new widget on the bottom of the sidebar. No it’s not people I know, it’s people who actually read this blog. It’s called MyBlogLog and it’s one of the newest services to be bought by Yahoo. Always one to follow a crowd, I figured I’d try it out […]