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May 6, 2001

Website Traffic

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One of my websites, TextMemos.com will be mentioned in an upcoming segment by Ken Leebow on NBC in Atlanta this coming weekend.

While it’s great for my site, it’s even better because it means I can finally finish my web traffic source analysis.

So far I’ve had sites that are the Yahoo site of the day, number 1 in search engines for their terms, in the Kim Komando newsletter, linked on Fark.com, put out in press releases, and mentioned on morning radio shows, but no TV yet…

I’ll be comparing traffic numbers versus conversion rates, versus collateral effects of being mentioned on all of the above forms. You’ll probably be suprised as to what works better. Any Guesses? Leave them in the comments.


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We talked earlier about phishers and spammers. Soon on another site I’ll be discussing what you can do to protect yourself and kids from these things.

Until then, there is some justice available, like This Company who just won an 11 Billion dollar lawsuit against a spammer.

Hopefully these high penalties will start to deter people from doing what they do.

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