June 10, 2023

Archives for July 2009

Rorschach Test Cheat Sheet

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times claiming that Wikipedia is de-valuing the Rorschach test by including the 10 ink blot images and their most common associated terms as part of its article. The controversy started on June 29th when Dr. James Heilman decided to include all the images and research about common […]

Cash For Clunkers Information

I’m hearing a lot of talk about the Government’s new Cash for Clunkers program right now. Almost every radio show is talking about it and car dealers are hurrying to educate customers about it, but listening to the radio today I heard tons of confusion about the program. The radio hosts didn’t know the specifics, […]

Personal Branding Sites – A Must Have

It’s no secret that personal branding has become huge lately. In today’s society, brands are everything. Don’t believe me? Just look at the logo on your t-shirt or shoes. In the field of SEO and marketing, it’s just as important to market yourself as a brand as it is for larger companies like Nike and […]

The Time Has Come To Regulate TechCrunch

Update: My snarky post has been mentioned on TechDirt This is a response to one of the most asinine posts I’ve ever seen on Techcrunch calling for transparency and disclosure of search engine algorithms. The following post was written by a semi-well known blogger. The author has purposely posted his name on the article because […]

Text Message Widget – and Free Links!

Just a quick note to say that I’ve created a “text me” widget for TextSendr.com that allows you to place a small box on your MySpace, Facebook, or Blog so that people can send you a text message. Your number stays encrypted, so nobody can manage to steal your number or actually find it out. […]

More Companies Should Follow Amazon’s Lead

In an effort to try to boost failing state economies, many states are starting to look for legal loopholes that would allow them to tax online purchases. Take Rhode Island and North Carolina for example. Frustrated with not being able to tax Amazon.com purchases, the states introduced legislation that would count all affiliates as “employees.” […]