Archives for March 2008

How Fake Friends Kill Social Networks

The other day I ran into an old classmate from high school. It was a person I never really talked to before (in fact, I didn’t remember her name until she introduced herself.) We said hello, and continued on our way. That night when I got home, I had a MySpace request from that person. […]

Political News We Already Knew

Looking at my RSS reader this morning, I couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed like all of the headlines were things that most of us already assumed for years. Things like: ABC study finds that all candidates embellish themselves. (duh!) pentagon report shows no iraqi plan to assassinate Bush Sr. McCain misses over 1/2 of […]

Jesus on Identity Theft

We just released our first video for freeIDENTITYprotect. Check it out:

Banning Bongs – and Brownies Too!

The New Jersey town of Jefferson Township is trying to pass a law that would (and I quote) ban the sale of “all equipment, products and materials of any kind that could be used for introducing into the human body a controlled dangerous substance.” The story stems from 2 gas stations that have recently began […]

Review: Beowulf

I had a “man date” last night. By that, I mean Lennie called me up to see what I was doing and before i finished saying “eating spaghetti and watching Beowulf” he was somehow in my living room devouring a box of rice krispy treats. Anyway, we watched Beowulf. This is normally where i’d say […]

Supreme Court to Decide Something Significant

The US supreme court will take a break from talking to baseball players and strippers today to actually consider something important. On the docket today is the case of DC v. Heller – a case that will decide where the second amendment applies to all individuals, or merely those in a militia or serving their […]

This Will End Well

Sometimes I just have to come out and ask: Did anybody in our government pay attention in history class? The reason I ask is this article. It talks about how Bush and Rice just signed off on a plan that would funnel money and arms to Fatah fighters so they can lead an uprising over […]