September 26, 2023

Archives for June 2008

Interesting Rulings Today

There’s a few interesting rulings that happened today in various places. Firstly, the supreme court ruled that the death penalty cannot apply in cases of rape – no matter how young the victim is. I tend to agree with this ruling, as I think that only death should warrant a penalty of death. Even the […]

Can Interenet Trends Represent Society?

There’s an interesting case going on in Florida right now that centers on obscenity. The problem with any obscenity laws is figuring out what exactly is obscene. The definition can vary greatly from one location to another, and many lawyers and judges base their decision upon the local community. Typically, attorneys use any information about […]

Congress To Pass 2 Spy On Citizens Bills Today

There’s 2 interesting bills expected to pass in congress today. The first one gives immunity to telcos who went and placed unauthorized wiretaps on people’s phones. It also gives immunity to the president for ordering a wiretap with no warrant. Don’t confuse this with ordering the tap THEN getting the warrant. This bill allows the […]

My iPhone 3 Wish List

With the iPhone 2 coming out very soon, I’ve started thinking ahead to the iPhone version 3 and all of the features I’d like to see included on it. All of these are possible right now, so they’re not really a stretch. Picture Messages – this should have been a V1 feature, and at the […]

Salon or Strip Club?

Brian and I got into an interesting conversation on the way back from the casino last night about hair salon, tanning salon, and strip club names. The gist of it: It’s hard to tell the difference. here, I’ll list local places in Michigan and you tell me if they’re a tanning salon, hair salon, or […]

What Happened to the Prize?

What happened to the prizes in cereal? As a child, the prize inside used to be the sole factor in deciding what my favorite brand of cereal was. Usually, it was whatever came with a new Matchbox car. Lately though, I haven’t seen any prizes in my cereal. Come to think of it, I haven’t […]

Another Internet Slang Quiz

lol ctn pos brb k thx bi. Did you understand that? It’s internet slang. Most of you know that I’ve written the book on the subject (go buy it it’s in the right margin.) Most of you also know that I run internet slang translator. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that […]

Presidential Candidates Views On Technology.

PC Mag has a nice story up about how the presidential candidates stand on various technological issues in America. It’s a long article, so I’ll summarize: Net Neutrality McCain: Against. He feels it could harm business Obama: For. Sponsored a pro-net neutrality bill – the “internet freedom preservation act” BroadBand McCain: Supports increased broadband competition. […]