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WFTV in Florida Totally Biased? You Bet

If you don’t think there’s a media bias you need to look at the recent interviews done by Barbara West of WFTV in Orlando Florida. First, look at the ridiculous questions she asks Joe Biden: (the last 2 are the best) Then, look at the softball questions she lobs up to McCain: Media Bias? You […]

Michigan is a Constitution Free Zone

The US constitution simply doesn’t apply in Michigan. According to the latest ACLU post, border patrol agents no longer need a warrant to search a person within 100 miles of the US border. The problem? There’s no place in Michigan that’s more than 100 miles away from a border. This doesn’t bode will.

Michigan’s New Unemployment…. Fees

Michigan no longer sends out unemployment checks. The new system sends recipients a debit card. This debit card is a Chase Visa card, and actually shows up on your credit report. I’m not sure what impact it has on people’s credit rating, but I’m sure it’s not good for future credit checkers to see the […]

I Came For Groceries, Not a Job

Is it just me, or are grocery stores like Kroger increasingly upping their efforts to get customers to do their work for them? The Kroger by me recently bought out all of the Farmer Jack grocery stores in the area and promptly shut them down. This means that at any given time, you’ll always find […]

The Michigan Job Market

I’ve been monitoring the job market here in Michigan lately, and things aren’t good. There’s a reason that Michigan college graduates are leaving the state at alarming rates: there aren’t any jobs here for them. Searching on Indeed and Craigslist, most of the jobs available in Michigan are entry level non-degree positions, or factory jobs. […]

Advertising Digital TV Switch On Cable

Why are they showing the digital tv switchover ads on cable? I was watching Comedy Central last night when I saw one of those ads every commercial break. First of all, we’re not the target audience – our TVs will keep working. Secondly, you gave a website to visit for people who need converter boxes. […]

Domain Names Tied To Email is Fail

Why do we still require an email address for domain names? Aside from that, why do we tie it to the registration and administration of the domain name? I’ve been trying to transfer a .ca domain name to somebody else, but according to Tucows and Cira, it’s just not possible. See, when I registered the […]

The Truth About Michigan’s Proposal 2

If you live in Michigan you’ve probably seen the ads on TV urging you to vote no on proposal 2 because it’s both morally wrong and will raise taxes. I’ll get to those in a second. If you don’t live in Michigan or if you only believe what’s on TV, Proposal 2 is an amendment […]

A Bad Time For Startups?

With the economy going deeper into it’s death spiral, many people are saying that it’s a bad time for start ups. Last quarter was the first in a while without a venture backed startup IPO, and many are predicting the trend to continue all year. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time for startups. […]

Why The Bailout Won’t Work

Well, it took the addition of tons of “sweetened pork” but the bailout bill finally passed. The economy should be turning around right? Not so fast. My stocks and IRAs are still going down faster than (man I’m too old for these high school jokes) So why aren’t things being fixed? Perhaps it’s because the […]