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Archives for September 2011

Are Hockey Rule Changes Causing More Concussions?

Concussions are a problem in all sports, and Sidney Crosby has vaulted the NHL to the top of the player safety discussions. But what’s causing all of the concussions and why are so many happening now as opposed to back when players didn’t even wear helmets? I’d like to switch gears from SEO and examine […]

If Google Was a 13 Year Old

Happy Birthday Google! According to Google’s homepage logo today, Google has officially turned 13. That got me thinking, what would happen to Google if it actually started acting like a teenager? If Google were actually a 13 year old: Results about girls would be given a significant ranking boost. Occasionally a search results page would […]

Facebook makes changes. People Wig Out (for now)

OMGFacebook changed their layout! Quick, everybody wig out. Everybody’s seen it, and we’ve all already complained about it on Twitter. Facebook updated their layout and the “most recent” is gone. They also added a mini facebook on the top right. They also creepily decided that they know what’s more important than I do. It’s a […]

Mustang Customizer

The Mustang is such a sexy car isn’t it? I love mine. Today I’ve been playing around with the new Mustang Customizer we (Team Detroit) launched recently on Ford’s website. My custom mustang is kicking ass right now. Check it out: Click the thumbnail above to see a larger version of the one I customized. […]

Why Does My Eye Twitch?

If you’ve ever started typing a question into Google that starts with “why” you’ve probably seen “why does my eye twitch” come up as a suggestion. Believe it or not, it’s not just a bunch of oddballs searching for this stuff – eye twitching is a pretty common occurrence. The good news though is that […]