December 6, 2023

Archives for December 2008

Which You Is Where? A Social Network Problem.

I’ve always had one major complaint about social networks: They’ve created multiple Ryans, and I sometimes lose track of which Me is Me when it comes to certain sites. When I first started using sites like Facebook or MySpace I was only friends with my real life friends and there were no problems. I could […]

The Next Things To Collapse

I was talking with Jeff from the other day and he brought up an interesting statistic. Compared to other countries, the US has 6X more retail store front per capita than anybody else. We’ve spent the last decade putting a starbucks on every corner, and nobody’s realized that we have way more retail stores […]

Who Supports hCard? Anyone? Bueller?

Update: I’ve done a followup to this post titled: the future of microformats. I wrote a while ago about openID and how companies want to say they support it without supporting it. It seems that the same thing is happening with lots of other formats. One in particular is hCard. There’s tons of sites out […]