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My New Job

I’m leaving for Toronto in about 12 hours, but I just wanted to write a quick update to say that I’ve accepted a new job. I’m now the lead SEO/SEM specialist at Brand Labs. If you’ve read “the four hour work week” you’ll know that the book advocates outsourcing all aspects of your business so […]

Search Engine Questions

Over on SEOmoz, rand fishkin asks If You Could Ask the Search Engines Any Question and Get An Honest, Complete Answer… What Would it Be? He then goes on to list about 14 questions he’d like answers to. While I’m sure that the search engines will never answer his questions, I thought it would be […]

Summertime Schedule

It’s going to be a busy next few weeks. I’ve got an interview in the Troy area this Friday, then Monday I (95% chance here) leave for Buffalo for another job interview. Then, next weekend I’m up north Thursday – Tuesday. The weekend after that (June 1-3) I’ll be in Toronto for a hockey tournament. […]

Emotional Opposites

What is the opposite of love? Most of you are probably saying “Hate”, but you’re wrong. The opposite of love is indifference – not giving a damn about the person either way. If I love you, I care. If I hate you, I care. If I’m indifferent, I don’t give a shit. See love and […]

Early Adopter Woes

I came across a job description today that I wanted to apply to, but I couldn’t. It seems that it requires resumes be sent in only by fax. How many people own fax machines at home? EFax is a subscription (that I’m not about to pay for to send 1 fax) so that’s out. I […]

Income Vs Richness

I’ve been reading The 4 hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss and although I’m only through about 3 chapters I think I could do about 20 blog posts on some of the ideas he presents. Right now I want to talk about a fallacy that many Americans hold. That is that income determines richness. Let’s look […]

Recipe: Mini Chicken Burritos

I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while, so today’s lunch was more of a “this is what I have in the fridge, how can I turn that in to a meal?” I have to say that I came up with some really awesome chicken burritos. Here’s what you’ll need: 2-3 cans of canned chicken […]

The Best Job Search Sites

If you don’t read my blog often, you might have missed the fact that I Need A Job. So before we get into it, if anybody needs a LAMP developer or SEO expert, please let me know. Because of this, I’ve been looking at almost every place possible for a job. Some sites have been […]

Thoughts on Twitter

I tried to avoid it as long as possible, but I don’t think I’d be able to call this a blog about Internet culture if I didn’t talk about twitter at least once. I recently tried Twitter but had to quit using it because it was just way too slow to be usable. The AIM […]

How To NOT Get Reciprocal Links

If you run a website, you no doubt get several emails like the following: Mr. Webmaster Hello, my name is Mrs Website Owner; I work for and I saw your site and I would like to make a link trade with you. Our policy is to only work with a 3-way link trade. […]