December 6, 2023

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MySpaceGrab Dissapears, MySpace Songs Still Downloadable.

Over the past few months many people have been using a popular site called MySpaceGrab to download songs from bands profiles. The site simply asked for the band’s MySpace URL and then presented you with a link to download each song. Today, somebody asked me if it’s possible and I told them “yes, these guys […]

Who’s Your Presidential Candidate?

ABC news just released a neat little quiz that asks you close to 10 questions about Iraq, Healthcare, Immigration, and Energy, and then matches you to the candidate who agrees with most of your positions. I know that the actual election won’t have anything to do with those issues, instead focusing on more important things […]

Where Are The Fail Pictures Coming From?

UPDATE: I Created My Own Fail Pictures Site: Earlier today I was reading an article about how Lynne Spears’ parenting book is now on hold after her youngest daughter, 16 year old Jamie Lynn, just revealed she’s pregnant. Shortly thereafter I saw this thread over on Fark. Readers of the popular website uncov will […]

List Of Reasons For Switching To Vista


txt2day now on your desktop!

UPDATE: This feature is no longer available, the demoxi software is no longer supported. I also am no longer affiliated with txt2day, however I’d be more than happy for you to visit Text Sendr to send your text messages. If you’re a frequent user of txt2day you may have realized a pretty significant change today. […]

A Vegetable So Bad Nobody Wants To Name It

I was sitting at dinner the other night with some of the board members and investors of worldlingo when we started talking about some of my translation sites like that translates British to American. Naturally, we started talking about word differences between cultures. You know, often confused things like lift vs elevator, pavement vs […]

Why We Shouldn’t Block Ads

(originally posted on Shoutwire, reposted here for archiving purposes) It seems I can’t open up my RSS reader lately without coming across an article about online advertising. It may be simply because my job title has the word “marketing” in it, but it’s hard to deny that the talk about ads has been ever increasing. […]

Visiting Bellevue

I’ve been in Washington most of this week visiting the Demoxi office. Since I’ve been here last, they moved to a new office. The views out of the windows are really incredible – so incredible that every office is on the same side of the building. Check out the view out of some of the […]

Are The Ads Worth It?

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen among web2.0 companies is complete failure at using ads to monetize their websites. While I’ve always firmly believed that Adsense isn’t a business model, that hasn’t stopped me (or many others) from making a small fortune off of it. There are times when ads make sense, and times […]