June 10, 2023

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Another Reason I Rarely Use Twitter:

It’s down again. The site 404’ed for me for a while, then gave me the whale “be back in about an hour” image. Unacceptable for a service like Twitter.

Companies Claim to Support OpenID, Only Support Free PR.

Before I started at Identity.net I had only vaguely heard of OpenID and what it was. I knew it was out there, but I also knew it wasn’t very widely used. For most people, that’s still the case. This is also a good place to remind people that the opinions in this blog are mine […]

Business Idea: A UPS that emails me

As somebody who owns tons of computers I also own tons of battery backups. As one of their many features, my battery backup can save some files and shutdown my computer for me as soon s the power goes it. It’s really neat… but I want more. I’m envisioning a battery backup that alerts me […]

He’s Actually A Creative Identity Thief

Previously I mentioned that one of my credit card numbers had been compromised. I quickly took care of that (here’s how) but not until I called to send back some recent purchases did I realize what they were up to. I couldn’t figure out why I kept receiving book clubs, blockbuster accounts, and weird facial […]

Cleaning Up A Stolen Credit Card

Looking over my credit card statement today on mint.com I noticed a few charges that I didn’t make. Notably, charges to Scholastic books, Disney DVD, and Blockbuster. Those suspicions were confirmed when UPS delivered a package of Disney DVDs to my door shortly thereafter. Somebody has stolen my credit card number. I’m not really sure […]

Mahalo Still Sucks

First, the big news: Jason Calcanis has retired from blogging. To those on the west coast, this is big news. Those of us on the east coast or midwest simply just don’t care. While reading his announcement though, I saw the mahalo search box next to it. So I typed in a few queries. One […]

Don’t Update Your iPhone Yet

When I plugged my iPhone into my mac this morning and started working it told me there was a software update. I know this because I’ve been expecting it along with the new iPhone 2.0 release. Anyway, I updated it as I checked my email. After the update though, I got this message: It seems […]

Conservapedia – A Very Amusing Read

I just stumbled upon a site called Conservapedia. It’s basically wikipedia for conservatives. I’ve been reading it whenever I have some free time, and it’s quite amusing. I didn’t even know conservatives needed their own encyclopedia. Us non conservatives do just fine using wikipedia. Firstly, it’s funny that it’s set up like a wiki but […]

1080p or 720p? What’s the difference?

I’m in the market for a new TV set. I’ve decided that I want a plasma, and that I want something around 48 or 50″ (no bigger than 50″ I don’t have the room) Other than that, I know it has to be HD. What I don’t know about is 1080p and 720p. It’s obvious […]