December 6, 2023

Archives for February 2007

When Spam Filtering Is Too Smart

One of the main reasons I use Gmail is because of the great spam filtering. In fact while I was at work today it automatically stopped 1055 spam emails from getting to my inbox. (yes, I really get that many spam emails / day sent to me…. It’s what happens when you list your email […]

Sitting On A Fortune

Boing Boing has a small post about a boat that runs on biodiesel that’s made from liposuctioned human ass-fat. Incredible! At $2.45/Gallon my ass could be worth a decent chunk of change! Hopefully this idea takes off. Like the post mentions: it doesn’t seem that America would run out of fuel anytime soon.

Getting the Front Page of Google

Earlier this month I wrote a short article titled What The Hell is cpsrvd? It was a quick post about how I researched something and saw that the results I got weren’t too helpful. To fix that, I decided that I would write something better than the top Google results for my query. (“cpsrvd failed“) […]

I Broke My Car

When I turned 16, the first car I was given was a hand me down 1992 Pontiac Grand Am that my Mom had driven. It ran great, had low mileage, and there was nothing wrong with it – so I bought a Chevy S-10. After that lease ran out, I had that 1992 Grand Am […]

The Spread of A Story

I wanted to blog about Google Apps Permier Edition (GAPE), but after seeing it mentioned on so many other sites, I had a better idea. Instead of talking about GAPE, let’s look at how a news story spreads across the internet. Feb 18th – ZDnet talks about the possibility of the product 10:00 pm Yesterday […]

Judge Gets Jail, Hacker Rewarded For Committing Same Crime

I was just reading this article about a California judge who was sentenced to 23 months in prison for possession of child porn. That’s not the part that upsets me though. It seems the judge was caught when a canadian hacker named Brad Willman installed a trojan on the judge’s computer and started reading his […]

Sometimes 7 and 8 are equal.

Back in college I had a professor who would dock off points every time he saw the word float in our code. He never really told us why, but from then on we all started using double any time we needed a decimal. It’s been a few years since college, but I think I’m finally […]

Gmail Tracking Numbers

I think one of the coolest features of Gmail is its ability to identify tracking numbers in emails and provide me with direct links to track my package. Here’s an example: Amazon sent me an email with the following text: If you notice, Amazon wants me to click the link, and login to their page […]

Kitten Videos

As family members keep asking me for more Who Dey updates, I keep feeling obliged to provide more and more pictures and such. If you don’t regularly read my blog, Who Dey is my new bengal kitten. You can catch up by reading and here, and here. Ok, on to the new stuff: Nobody seems […]

Site Advice: When To Ask For Email Addresses

The first question I ask myself when I come across a website asking for my email address is “Why?” What’s in it for me? It might sound selfish, but it’s true. With all the spam I get lately, there’s just no way I’m going to enter my email address into your form without seeing a […]