December 6, 2023

Archives for November 2011

How To 301 Redirect A Website

How do I 301 Redirect my website? I get asked this question more often than I should, so instead of constantly answering it I’ve decided to create a blog post I can point people to. But first, let’s start off with some background. Why Would I Want To Redirect A Page? There’s several valid reasons […]

Over Thinking SEO: Inverse Document Frequency

If you came to pubcon this week you probably noticed some very odd questions being asked at some sessions. My favorite question was when somebody asked @mattcutts for a better method of doing doorway pages. yeah, seriously! My 2nd favorite question though was also Matt’s fault. At the end of one of Alan K’necht’s sessions […]

Liveblogging Pubcon: SEO hot trends

Going to take a stab at live blogging some sessions here. Moreso so that i can try out coveritlive. Liveblog Pubcon