December 6, 2023

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Is Adwords Charging Me Too Much Per Click?

Using a nice little keyword tool I stumbled upon a keyword that gets a few hundred searches but nobody is bidding on. Things like this are rare and I quickly placed my adwords ad for such keyword. I got a Great quality score, and it returned a minimum bid of $0.04. I copied another ad […]

Bodog loses domain name

In a story that’s surprisingly not showing up on any of the major news sites, online betting site has lost it’s domain name. I’d have linked to the site here, but there’s no site there to link to. It seems that Bodog failed to show up in court to answer an infringement claim filed […]

A Journalist’s Favorite Week

In his recent book, founder Drew Curtis talks about seasonal news stories. You know, the news stories that seem to pop up every year around the same time. That’s why most journalists love the first week of September. We can just sit back and let the stories write themselves. Open up word, change the […]

iPhone Causes AT&T Bill Simplification

If you were one of the first to get an iPhone, you may have experienced a little bit of shock when opening your first phone bill since switching. Personally, my bill was 20 some pages long – compared to the 3 pages Cingular used to send me before becoming AT&T. The reason for killing an […]

10 Endangered Ideas

UPDATE: The shoutwire post is no longer available, so I’m re posting it here in its entirety. If you’ve ever sat down and talked to your grandparents you’ve probably heard countless tales of what life was like back in the day. You might hear them talk about long forgotten technologies like rotary phones, black and […]

Banned For Reciprocal Linking?

Update: Google added the word excessive in front of the passage I mentioned today (8-16-07). It clarifies a little bit, but still begs the question: what’s excessive? Google recently updated it’s webmaster guidelines with some information that’s causing a big stir on the internet. If you look under the examples of “link schemes” you’ll see […]

Happy Maddenolidy

Today is the day many football games have been looking forward to since the Old Trafford brawl. We’ve been dreaming of new rookies, new animations, new moves, and end zone celebrations. I’m talking about Madden 08. Like a child eagerly heading downstairs on Christmas morning we’ll all be heading to the stores (or the mailbox) […]

Dude, Your Grandmother Is On Myspace

It’s not often you hear the word MySpace thrown around when talking about the over 50 crowd, but that’s exactly where we’re seeing growth with one of our clients. If you’re an online marketer you’re probably familiar with all the benefits of having a MySpace account. If you aren’t, you need to start reading. Seeing […]

Google Search Session Ads Live

You might have missed the announcement last week, but Google has gone live with their search session ads. Now, instead of just showing you ads based on the keywords you search for, Google will remember what your last search was and show ads relevant to your searching “session.” The example given by Google is this: […]

How Many SEO Clients Are Ideal?

As many of you know, I’ve given up programming to become the head of SEO at my new company. We’re growing nicely and possibly adding 2-3 more clients. Thinking of that, how many clients is ideal for one person to manage? I’m currently doing all of the SEO and PPC for about 8 different websites. […]