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September 6, 2001

money for nothing..

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“we’ve got to move these color tvs”… while the rest of America thinks they can get rich without doing any real work!

According to a survey mentioned on Yahoo, 34% of Americans think the best way of gaining wealth is NOT to work for it.

Over 1000 adults were asked what they thought was the most practical way to accumulate several hundred thousand dollars. Here’s what they answered:

21% said winning the lottery.

11% said inheritance.

3% said insurance settlement.

does anybody else find that shocking? It’s no wonder countries like China and Japan are ahead of us in almost everything nowadays. Their people know what it means to work for their money.

Americans want a quick fix with no work or effort involved. Everybody wants to sue somebody for something to get rich. It disgusts me.

Big MySpace is watching.

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You’d think as much as I hate MySpace, I wouldn’t write about it right? Sadly, not true.

The Independent has an interesting article. It seems that MySpace has began censoring users posts.

When MySpace users wrote to each other about a rival service, they found that the company’s name was removed from whatever they wrote.

What’s next: Blue overalls?

Ditch your MySpace account now.

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