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Thoughts on the Debate

Last night’s debate was close. The polls have 40% of undecided voters saying Obama was the winner, 20% saying McCain, and the other 40% undecided still. It was clear from the start that McCain didn’t want to be there. He refused to look at Obama, and appeared angry most of the night. Obama also appeared […]

Not Debating Will Help McCain

John McCain’s decision to not participate in the debate has nothing to do with the current financial crisis or anything going on in congress. Given McCain’s voting record (least of anybody, ever) it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t give a shit about bills going on. Hell, he didn’t even vote on any of the bills that […]

A Great Day

Wow, It’s only 1:00 and it’s already been a great day. Matt Millen was fired, Todd Jones retired, and Clay Aiken announced that he’s gay. What’s next? John McCain announces that he’s giving up his presidential candidacy to Ron Paul?

Why Do People Still Call?

My job is over 50% talking. Most of my day is spent talking to various people about websites, advertising, SEO, and all that fun stuff. I’m not complaining about it, but I’m starting to wonder why we keep using the phone. Why not just email? I’m about twice as productive via email as I am […]

A New Piercing

Thanks to my cat not wanting to take her flea medicine, I now have a new piercing: in my finger. Her two fangs actually touched inside my finger. I think she hit a nerve or something, because I still can’t use the finger. Here’s a picture:

The Worst Employee Part 1

I just wrote the next part of the installment, but it’s only on shoutwire for now – so if you want to read it you’ve got to go there. Again, if you want to share your fast food stories, please post them in the comments of this post

Phone Polls Don’t Work Anymore

Looking at the recent presidential polls, it looks like a very close race. Follow the betting odds and contributions though, and this race is swinging highly toward Obama. How is that? It’s the polls. Most polls are done via land line telephone. They simply don’t include mobile phone numbers. That might sound all OK and […]

The Worst Customer – Part 1

Almost a year ago I wrote a post that was called the 10 minute interview in which I talked about my method of hiring fast food employees and how it can be adapted to other professions. I realized that these 4 questions don’t only serve as a great interview guide, but they also remind me […]

Stuck In My Ways

I realized today that when it comes to programming, I’m a bit like a stick in the mud. I remember when I first made the jump up to HTML4.01 from whatever cock eyed layout we were using back then. Then came learning CSS and I struggled but adapted. I quickly forgot all the Perl I […]

Dems, We’re Gonna Lose This One

The more I’ve been thinking about the current presidential race, the more I’m realizing that Obama isn’t going to win. Come November, John McCain will win the white house and America will still not learn its lesson. This was our year Dems. After the last 8 years of Bush, we democrats were licking our chops […]