Archives for May 2010

Google SSL Search Example

Now that Google has launched a secure version of search, it will be interesting to see how searchers react. My guess? I think it’s going to allow people to search more freely. In fact, it might go something like this: I know you were probably expecting to hear about SEO impications, or how SSL doesn’t […]

Testing Alt Attribute Indexing

Update: Test, part 2. After I performed the test below, Jill Whalen wrote me on Twitter and asked me to perform the same test but using a text link instead of an image link. Despite being pretty sure what would happen, I did the test anyway; mostly in the interest of science. Here’s what I […]

Eating Twitter’s Blackbird Pie

What better way to spend the first few minutes of my lunch break than to eat some Blackbird Pie. That’s twitter’s new name for their HTML version of tweet screenshots. Now, instead of taking a screenshot, pasting it into ms paint, cropping, saving, and uploading (or using a 3rd party service like tweetshots,) Twitter users […]