December 6, 2023

Archives for January 2009 – Now An iPhone App

Just a quick note to let everybody know that I’ve officially released the iPhone App. The app is a full internet slang dictionary for the iPhone. It’s available for $0.99 in the App Store (just search for NoSlang) I’d love for everybody to check it out and leave me some feedback. Thanks!

Twitter Apps Get Pwned

Last week, Twitter – the extremely popular in California but never really heard of on the east coast micro blogging platform – announced that it was placing new limits on its API restrictions. White listed (meaning hand approved by Twitter) services will have a new limit of 70,000 accesses per hour, while non white-listed accounts […]

The Universe As a Hologram

A new scientific theory suggests that the universe could, in fact, be nothing more than a hologram. It’s a pretty cool theory, and you probably need a very good understanding of physics just to read the article. If the world is really a hologram though, it’s going to have a lot of interesting consequences. It […]

Building Offline SEO

I know what you’re thinking: “Offline SEO, that doesn’t make sense. SEO is all about getting visitors to my website.” There’s more to SEO than just getting visitors, but when it comes to getting visitors why should they have to come from another web page? According to some SEO agencies, offline SEO is often one […]

iPhone App Censorship is ******* Ridiculous

I didn’t want this to become a censorship blog. I find writing about such things incredibly boring, but people keep doing stupid things. We’ve heard about state senators who want to ban swear words, but the latest to irk me is the Apple app store. I’ve just submitted my 3rd attempt at an internet slang […]

Will Banning Water Stop Pollution?

Freakonomics has an interesting point about the proposed ban on bottled water, noting that it will most likely cause students to switch to sugary sodas instead. Every time I’ve ever bought a bottle of water, it wasn’t because I wanted water. It’s usually just more for the bottle. When I was in college, I always […]

STFU South Carolina.

Senator Robert Ford of Charleston, South Carolina (go chiefs!) – it’s my opinion that you’re a fucking idiot. Why do I think he’s a fucking idiot? Because if I had posted that sentence on a blog hosted in South Carolina, I’d be guilty of a felony and facing up to 5 years in pound me […]

Buy Apple Stock?

News was just released that Steve Jobs will be temporarily stepping away from Apple. This means their stock is going to lose a TON of money. But does that mean apple will be any worse? It’s too late to sell your stock if you still own some, but I’m thinking of buying more after it […]

New Site:

As – my internet slang dictionary and translator continues to grow, I often find it necessary to branch out into other forms of slang. So far, I’ve branched out into british slang, drug slang, and bad words. Thanks to a ton of submissions though, I was finally able to branch out into World of […]

Suggestion: Google, Implement URL Suggestions

Hey Google… When I mistype a word in one of your URLs (like “adsese” instead of “adsense”), I get sent to a custom error page that looks like this: Instead of making me re-type the URL, why not just say “Did you mean, Adsense?” and let me click it to go there. You already have […]